Study Tips

If you guys feel that you are not putting your best effort but would like to improve do read the whole blog post. Nevertheless, these study tips don’t guarantee to help you score As because research conducted in Acxdicsuns’s brain showed that many of these tips will work for majority except a few including Acxdicsuns. I tried some study tips but they just don’t work for me and due to school I don’t have the motivation to study hard. Perhaps these study tips may help you and no harm trying so hell yeah just read.

Highlight keywords and jot down notes using colorful pens/markers

Even if ur teacher is giving out handout notes, by visually reading the notes, ur brain won’t remember as much as when u jot down in ur notebook. Colors can stimulate ur brain and u can memorize info more easily. If possible avoid using black ink and swap it to blue ink. Blue ink can help u focus better. By highlighting you will just be memorizing those important points and not a whole chunk of info tat won’t benefit u in ur exams. Students tend to highlight many words as they don’t know how to differentiate. Always compare the different points.

Consult your teacher when in doubt

Students often don’t take the initiative to consult teachers when in doubt. They are afraid that their classmates might laugh at them for not knowing the answer to that question. They are afraid that their teacher might scold them for being inattentive. They are too shy to raise up their hands to consult their teacher. Always consult your teacher because they are the only ones that can help you. Your classmates may not know the answer and they might even give u the wrong info n confuse u just to avoid embarrassment! You can always consult your teacher privately after class or you can consult with ur frans. If possible you could message or email ur teacher for help. Remember that its your loss if you don’t take initiative to consult teachers and don’t complain to ur parents when you did not know that particular piece of information.

Study in a conducive environment

If your house has noisy siblings, naggy grandparents, fierce parents, dirty environment. You should consider revising in a conducive environment eg: school library, public library, Starbucks, McDonald’s. If you’re the type who is sociable and friendly, consider studying in school with ur frans. You can learn from one another and help each other especially when the teacher is busy. If you’re the loner and you don’t want to feel sad while seeing ur classmates studying in sch while ur alone, try going to public areas. You can buy a pack of fries or a grande frap while ur studying. There’s also free WiFi so u can always research the internet when in doubt! If you’re the type who enjoys quiet environment, go to the public library. It has free WiFi too and its free from talkative teens. However, there might be times when toddlers are roaming around to look for mummy.

Do your favorite things while you study

Obviously you shouldn’t tweet or watch vids while ur studying. But you can do things that won’t distract u as much as internet eg: eating,listening to music,doing ur big business. Always reward yourself with your favorite treat after completing 10 questions. You will be satisfied and more willing to study so u could gain weight. You shouldn’t listen to ur favorite songs as u will try to sing along and be distracted. Instead only listen to unfamiliar music so you can focus better in a melancholy environment. You will either sleep/daydream/use phone while doing big business. Why not make use of the time wisely by bringing ur notes into the toilet? Especially when u need a long time to detox in the freaking toilet bowl, u can quietly n calmly revise. Unless ur struggling to push ur gold out…u’ll start to perspire badly n sweat will dirty ur notes.Considering putting a protective plastic cover over ur notes, u’ll never know:)

Revise early

Always file ur notes regularly into ur binders. Try using dividers to classify the different topics in a particular subject to better grasp the understanding n to save time of browsing through the whole binder. Colorful binders and notebooks can help to make u feel more relax. Do not do last minute revision because you will be panicking whether you could remember all the information and ended up not remembering a single info. Always revise after each lesson. Consult teacher when needed. Clear your doubts before u do ur major exams. After revising each lesson, test yourself by doing some practice worksheets and ask for help immediately. Don’t expect to stuff the whole chunk of info into ur freaking brain within a few hours. Your teacher took 6 months to complete the whole syllabus n if you are so smartass so rmb within an hour, whats the damn point of going to school?! You might as well self-study at home. Your parents will be so proud of you:)




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