Study Tips 2

Last post I told ya some tips to improve in your studies. However in this post, I’m gonna tell you my experiences I have faced for the past 2 years. These bloody tips don’t work for me and its a waste of my fucking time.

There’s no point making your notes colorful.

Its a waste of my fucking money to buy expensive colorful pens/markers/highlighters. Who da hell has the time to slowly use so many pens at once?! I would rather spend my precious money on food & FHM rather than useless pens that dry up hell fast. Moreover its more important to spend your time wisely on eating & shitting. No point making ur notes so colorful like a damn unicorn. Just use 1-2 pens to make your notes. You can’t even use a lemon yellow pen in school, might as well buy more blue pens and use it on notes & assignments. I find colors very distracting & I’ll be spending most of my time counting da colors instead of revising. I only use blue/black/red/green pens.

There’s no point consulting your teachers.

Many teachers only care about those shitty smartass students and ignore the well-being of stupid students. Many teachers are also lazy and don’t bother tutoring those weak students cuz they believe those students have no hope?! Many teachers won’t teach you the proper information and when you did badly they will pretend to be kind souls & force you to go for their ‘effective’ remedial. This is a fucking lie. When those lousy students did badly they will try to improve and for the next quiz/test/exam most likely they will do better & those so called helpful teachers will claim credit & make others seem like they’re really experienced teachers. Only a few teachers are sincere to help you ace your exam. Even if u get 1/100, they will fork out their precious family time just to stay back & tutor you. They are very patient and never get mad at u for not knowing how to do a particular assignment. Only consult your teachers when you seriously have an important questions, if not, avoid em and consult ur close frens/parents/tutor/online.

There’s no point revising early.

If you have been listening to your teachers in class you would have remembered all the info & need not to spend so much time at home revising those boring retarded notes. Just read your notes at your own pace and when you’re feeling lazy just stop and watch Hentai to relieve stress (: I only revised the info a few days before major exams and obviously I passed so no point wasting your precious time to revise a few months earlier. You could have used that time to sleep/eat/shit/fuck. Be a carefree person & don’t spend so much time on studies or else you’ll be nerdy 😮

This blog post is dedicated to those nerds who have been wasting their time studying useless shit that won’t benefit their future. Study whichever you like and only clarify your doubts when you have a major problem. Don’t force yourself to study subjects that you dislike or else you’ll be depressed & commit suicide in your dear mama’s kitchen. Don’t 😦

Stay Tune For My Upcoming Post On Fast Food 😀


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